To do

UpplevesesidaGäst kopiaTikitut offers single activities but you can also customize your experience according to your wishes. In eastern Gothenburg you will find nature, second-hand markets, ’50s museum and the opportunity to experience a new language as well as the opportunity to cook food from different parts of the world. Tikitut is situated near Gothenburg city center and close to public transport stops, you can easily get into town in about 25 minutes.

Discover a multicultural potato:

Taste one of our most beloved and useful food product: potatoes! Cook and eat potato dishes from around the world. (Minimum 4 people)

Urban-nature walk:

Walk with a focus on Sweden, eastern Gothenburg and nature. Local guides show our community and places with views over Gothenburg. We will learn about Sweden and Gothenburg based on the district’s history and a personal touch.

Experience for groups

Individuals, companies, schools, public organization: Tikitut offers different daily experiences according to your wishes!

Thinking about a feel-good weekend and are you looking for an experience with nature, food, combined with a visit to the central parts of town? Or looking for your business conference facilities with accommodation? Let us know and we will customize an arrangement for you. Pricing for our “do” activities vary and are preliminary. For prices and information, please contact us, contact information can be found in the sidebar.

Workshop Welcome to Sweden!:

Experience Sweden today together with us from Tikitut. You are guided through the area by a local guide showing the near by community and places with views over Gothenburg. We will experience Sweden and Gothenburg based on the districts history and a personal touch. During the tour we will enjoy a traditional Swedish coffee brake “Fika” and talk about Sweden today. If you want we will cook food in the wild, and then maybe end with tying a wreath of flowers. Or else we cook food in Tikituts apartment and you speak with those who live in eastern Gothenburg.


To book a stay, an activity or send expressions of interest for other activities or do you have questions? Write to us, info(a) and we will get back to you.