About Tikitut

Tikitut community-based tourism is a glocal meeting place where meetings occur between those who live in the city and those visiting the city. Tikitut complements Sweden’s efforts towards sustainable tourism and a sustainable society by offering genuine meetings for residents and visitors. The visitor’s stay leads to income for the people living in the city based on the residents’ wishes, needs and conditions.

Tikitut wants to promote a diverse and inclusive society. Tikitut develops local areas. Local residents and stakeholders will have the opportunity to create Sweden’s most unique inclusive social experiences together with the visitors. At the glocal meeting place Tikitut food gets prepared together, life experiences are shared and both visitors and local residents will have a unique experience.

When you book and attend Tikitut’s activities you take active stand to a diverse and inclusive society. Coeval leads your visit directly into revenues for residents and those involved in local community development.

NaMeUlFacebookTikitut community-based tourism was launched by Mehmet Yamanlar, Nadia Destici and Ulla Gawlik in 2012 with the aim to highlight and get in use the untapped resources of northeastern Gothenburg and thereby participate in sustainable community development in the area of ​​societal challenges. They wanted to connect tourism to the area northeast to attract visitors. By Tikitut, local residents are creating their own jobs and opportunity for an additional income through tourism products such as eat, live and do. This means that the visitor can take part of the local community and the local community can take advantage of the hospitality industry. Tikitut’s goal is: Through community-based tourism to identify, reveal and develop the residents and the area’s resources to attractive unique services for the hospitality industry, government-, voluntary- and private organizations as well as organizations specialized to work with newcomers.

Today Tikitut is one of Gothenburg’s first platforms for sustainable tourism trips and through Tikitut creates employment for local residents, while visitors with an interest in food, nature and culture have an opportunity to visit East Gothenburg and meet the locals.